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Branch News

Branch News

A union of interests, purposes, or sympathies among members of a group; fellowship.

Branch 434 Delegates are back from the 2008 National Convention in Boston, MA. 

No, at this time there is no plan for early outs for Letter Carriers!  We will let you know if this changes.


I will be working on this news letter for the next week while I am on vacation. 


When I return I will post all of the information from the convention on the NALC bulliten boards in each office.

Jane 07-31-08  Have a great week!









Postal Record
I hope all of Branch 434 members take a moment each month to read their Postal Record.  It is interesting and somewhat entertaining to see what the branches have to say in the back of the magazine. 
I would like to draw your attention to the Officers Articles in the front of the magazine.  Some of the information may seems like boring stuff for the secretary or the stewards.  If you take a closer look you will find some great information to help you understand the contract. 
This past month had several great articles
Do you stand by your union brother's and sister's in their time of need?!
Often I hear from our steward's that they can not get statements from union brother's and sister's so they may build a stronge case for another member!
We must stand together to defend the National Agreement and the Local Agreement.  We must stand together to stop the mistreatment and harassment of our union members!
I know members in the smaller offices must feel isolated. Some offices do not have a Steward on the floor. It is ALWAYS better to have a Steward in the building, but until that time CALL YOUR STEWARD immediately when you have an issue or problem.
 Educate yourself!  Become familiar with the Local Agreement and the National Agreement. 

NALC Tee-Shirts
Ann Arbor and Chelsea members were given the opportunity to order NALC Branch 434 tee-shirts.  The price will be determined by the number of shirts ordered.
Any member in Milan, Dexter, or Saline who would like to order a Branch 434 shirt and any retiree who wishes to order a Branch 434 shirt, must call the union hall before  at 734-747-9172.  Please leave your name and home telephone number.  T-shrits have not yet been ordered, Shirts have not been ordered, I hope to have time after the State Convention.
All members will be contacted about the price of the shirts as soon as the orders are completed.  You may change you order at that time.  A few cents for shipping will be add to the price of each shirt.  Shirts should be under $15.00 depending on size and total  amount of shirts ordered.
Shirts will be ordered from the same union shop that filled our Food Drive shirt order, so sizes should be the same.  All shirts will be navy with white and red print.  Shirts will list each of the cities represented by Branch 434.
We will not order extra shirts and it will be years before we order shirts again, so  place your order today.

601 S. Maple Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103